We have developed an efficient and accurate method to test for all 17 resident and three vagrant of UK bats. Our Bat Dropping Sample Collection kits are available exclusively through WildCare and contain all you need for convenient and consistent collection of up to 12 samples.

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Environmental DNA analysis is revolutionising the way ecologists characterise organisms and their habitats. The mlecular biology techniques we use are highly sensitive and allow us to detect rare and cryptic species from very small environmental samples. For identification of UK bat species, we have developed a DNA fingerprinting technique that uses subtle variations in the genetic code to distinguish between species.

It is important for ecologists to correctly identify the species of bat that occupies a habitat so that an appropriate mitigation plan may be designed that is specific to the ecology of the particular bat species.

Bats in the UK play an important role in controlling insect populations and as indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health. Conservation of UK bat species is a high priority and managing threats to bat populations and their habitats is a key aim of the relevant articles of legislation.

Our Bat Dropping Sample Collection Kits contain all you need for reliable collection of up to 12 samples. We only require as little as a single dropping for a viable sample; however, as the DNA in droppings may be degraded, we recommend submitting replicate samples for best results. You can order your sample collection kit exclusively though WildCare.

Depending on your needs, you may submit all 12 samples together in the sampling kit box using the FreePost return label included in your kit. Otherwise, you may submit any number of samples by placing the sample tubes into a padded envelope and posting to our address at the Brixham Environmental Laboratory.

  • Our DNA collection kits reduce the risk of sample contamination and DNA degradation;
  • Our laboratory has been purpose-built for environmental DNA applications;
  • Our laboratory information management systems ensure proper sample handling procedures are followed;
  • Results of your samples will be delivered 1 - 2 weeks after they have been received at our laboratory.

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