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Our Biodiversity Sampling Kits provide everything you need for rapid and reliable biodiversity assessments. Our kits include field sampling equipment, field sample containers with preservative, laboratory sample processing, DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, biostatistics and reporting. We have developed sampling kit solutions to suit projects of various sizes in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments. Our convenient and consistent large-volume sampling methods ensure robust results. Applications include biodiversity monitoring, environmental impact assessment, biosecurity surveillance, natural capital valuation and more.

How much?

Biodiversity assessment solutions using our environmental sampling kits:

  • Terrestrial soil or benthic sediment sampling kits from £210/sample.
  • Freshwater sampling kits from £200/sample.
  • High-volume marine sea water sampling kits from £370/sample.

Prices do not include VAT.

How Fast?

  • We deliver ecogenomics biodiversity assessments quicker than using conventional techniques.
  • Our sampling kits make fieldwork efficient and economical.
  • Our laboratory has been purpose-built for efficient sample processing and analysis.

Why Applied Genomics?

We are the experts in designing real-world solutions for environmental genomics.

We have developed methods for large-volume environmental sampling that ensure comprehensive and robust biodiversity assessments.

How it works

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Features & Benefits:

  • We specialise in large-volume sampling to ensure robust results
  • We can provide proprietary sampling tools to ensure reliability and consistency of sample collection
    • Soil/sediment sampling equipment
    • Aquatic sampling systems
    • Marine sampling systems
  • Sample preservative and storage containers provided
  • Results include statistics and analysis on the following biodiversity dimensions:
    • Taxonomic variety
    • Composition
    • Distribution
    • Change
  • Experienced field personnel and training available
  • Bespoke solutions are available for mixed environmental sampling or targeting specific ecological communities

Why large-volume sampling?

In environmental genomics analyses, large-volume samples are critical for reducing inter-sample variability and ensuring comprehensive sampling of organisms. Our sampling methods ensure sufficient volumes of sample material are collected to obtain a representative sample of the local biodiversity. We have developed reliable methods for extraction of organic material from the sample matrix and standard protocols for isolation of environmental DNA.

Advantages of Ecogenomics Biodiversity Assessment


Ecogenomics allows us to characterise a far wider range of taxa across a broader range of environments compared to traditional methods.

Our own studies discovered more than double the number of identified organisms across multiple phyla, a result that is beyond the reach of current methods.


Current methods for biodiversity estimation often focus on a narrow range of taxa or indicator species and their related assumptions to infer biodiversity.

Using environmental DNA to detect organisms, ecogenomics provides a more direct and more complete measure of biodiversity at local and landscape scales.


Data from ecogenomics surveys can be made available for verification or audit by third parties. It is therefore not limited by subjective morphological identification or species life-stages.


Traditional methods of biodiversity assessment are laborious and time consuming, often requiring months to achieve results.

Ecogenomics approaches can produce larger amounts of high-quality data more quickly and efficiently, facilitating more responsive management actions.


Ecogenomics biodiversity assessments can deliver rapid, high-resolution data at lower cost than traditional surveys.

This means we can deliver a more responsive, more meaningful assessment of environmental health at lower cost.

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Biodiversity, the variety of plant and animal species in an environment, is crucial to ensuring resilience to environmental disturbance and is therefore an important indicator of ecosystem health. For decades, biodiversity assessments, if at all feasible, have relied on taxonomic expertise and relatively small numbers of indicator species. And yet, biodiversity data underpin ecological assessments used in decision-making for impact assessment, biosecurity and valuations.

Ecogenomics, the application of environmental genomics in ecological assessments, greatly enhances our ability to characterise species and their relationships by significantly expanding our taxonomic capabilities to a far larger range of taxa across a broad range of environments. It allows us to empirically measure biodiversity, reducing bias and assumption errors.

We have developed our ecogenomics biodiversity assessment kits to enhance environmental monitoring programs as a means of delivering convenient, robust genomics-based biodiversity data for assessment, monitoring and adaptive management.

Integrating ecogenomics biodiversity assessments samples with physicochemical data, we have been able to show correlated changes in biological community composition in the presence of certain physical and chemical gradients. This provides a deeper, more meaningful understanding of biodiversity and its influences.

Our ecogenomics biodiversity assessment service is a rapid, cost-effective method to comprehensively assess biodiversity. We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive study design and reliable field protocols. We can provide training and field ecologists with expertise in conducting ecogenomics field surveys in complex and challenging environments, from contaminated sites to deep-sea environments, ensuring quality from sampling to result.

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