Environmental DNA (eDNA) is genetic material that is released by organisms living in their environment. Sources of genetic material may include, faeces, urine, skin cells, mucous, gametes, etc. The DNA in these sources will degrade over time but persist in the environment for long enough that we can detect the presence of the organism without having to sight or capture them.

We have designed environmental sampling solutions for collection of seawater, freshwater, soils, and sediments.

You may also be interested in collection of animal faeces, gut contents and tissues. We provide kits for those too.

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The natural environment is large, heterogeneous and dynamically variable. Our experience has shown that the best way to maximise probability of detection, reduce inter-sample variability and ensure meaningful results for your site, is to collect large-volume eDNA samples. Which is why we have developed proprietary techniques for consistent large-volume environmental DNA sample collection and laboratory protocols for processing these large samples.

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Our eDNA sampling kits make it quick and easy for you to collect consistent samples for reliable results. Each kit contains everything you need for sample collection, preservation and transport to our lab for analysis. We provide easy to follow field sampling instructions and we can deliver in-house training for your team.

As part of your sampling design, you should consider collecting repeat samples at the same location, collect replicate samples over time and at multiple locations.

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For single species detection projects, your eDNA analysis report will include results of replicate or technical replicate assays and results of any laboratory and field control assays for each sample.

In multi-species monitoring projects you will receive results as described above, as well as a curated species list, statistical analyses of your surveyed sites and access to your project’s raw data stored on our servers.

Our laboratory has been purpose-built for environmental DNA analysis to optimise accuracy and speed of delivery.

Turnaround times for results vary greatly depending on the type of analysis being undertaken and the number of samples to be analysed.

Single species detection results may be delivered in as little as 2 business days and multi-species monitoring results in as little as 2 weeks.

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