Ecological assessments with molecular accuracy

We are Applied Genomics 

We have been at the forefront of environmental DNA (eDNA) technologies since 2014. Our ethos is anchored in delivering unparalleled precision in biodiversity monitoring and species identification services.

Our tools empower businesses to understand their environmental impacts, assess nature-related risks and opportunities, and make informed decisions for sustainable management.

With a commitment to innovation, we specialise in eDNA analysis for diverse ecosystems, ranging from marine environments to terrestrial habitats.

We prioritise accuracy, reliability, and sustainability. Our team of experts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of genomic analysis, delivering data-driven biodiversity insights for deeper due diligence and more meaningful risk intelligence.

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We Develop

We develop bespoke solutions to better inform and optimise ecological management decisions. Our combination of specialist skills and extensive industry experience enable us to provide an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates techniques from ecology, environmental science, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics and spatial modelling.

We Deliver

We deliver DNA-based analysis services for detection, monitoring and management of biological diversity. From deep seas to alpine tundra and all environments between, ecogenomics techniques may be applied to any environment. Our approach is particularly valuable for projects that have a higher level of operational difficulty, addressing questions that current ecology techniques cannot easily answer.


Join The Great British inDepth Biomonitoring Network

We are building a unified marine biodiversity monitoring data platform for waters of the British Isles

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Water Quality Monitoring

Identify sources of faecal contamination in rivers with our water quality assessment


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You need better biodiversity data.

Don't settle. Choose Applied Genomics.

Innovative sampling technologies. Fast, reliable analyses. Unparalleled quality assurance.



We've analysed more than 7,500 eDNA samples collected across a range environments, from deep seas to mountain streams, fertile farmlands to lush forests.


You can expect reliable service. With our highly skilled laboratory team and unparalleled quality assurance protocols, we can ensure a 99.9% sample-to-result success rate. 


Our projects have global reach. We've delivered biodiversity data for over 500 projects worldwide.

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Pioneering and industry-leading methods for comprehensive data acquisition

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Reliable and replicable analytical methods with innovative quality assurance

Computer data analysis


Leveraging complex biodiversity data using machine learning to deliver meaningful insights

How to use our services:

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Step 1:  DESIGN

In the initial stage, we work directly with your team to identify your project objectives. We guide the creation of a study plan optimised for precise and relevant environmental data collection, ensuring alignment with project end goals and disclosure requirements.

Step 2:  SAMPLE

"You can't detect it if you don't collect it!"

Our eDNA sampling kits provide everything you need to collect consistent eDNA samples, quickly and easily, even in remote and challenging environments. And we can help guide you on selecting the best type of eDNA sampling kit that will ensure optimal results.

We are the only company to have developed large-volume eDNA sampling methods that ensure collected samples are appropriate to the scale of the environment being studied, maximising the probability of eDNA capture and accurate species detections.

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Step 3:  ANALYSE

Integrating state-of-the-art laboratory technologies with advanced bioinformatics pipelines and rigorous quality assurance, we will provide you with biodiversity data that transcends the limitations of conventional survey methods.

Our ethos is anchored in delivering unparalleled precision in biodiversity monitoring and genetic identification services. With a commitment to innovation, we specialise in eDNA analysis for diverse ecosystems, ranging from the deepest seas to remote terrestrial habitats.


Biodiversity is the fundamental unit of ecosystems. It is a measure of its resilience, function and natural capital value. These factors underpin our economic systems and wellbeing.

Interpretation of our eDNA analyses will enable you to contextualise biodiversity data within the bigger picture. We can deliver data-driven insights to de-risk nature-aligned investment decisions, take better account of natural capital, increase precision of sustainability disclosures and improve transparency in biodiversity reporting.

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