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We deliver DNA-based analysis services for detection, monitoring and management of biological diversity. From deep seas to alpine tundra and all environments between, ecogenomics techniques may be applied to any environment. Our approach is particularly valuable for projects that have a higher level of operational difficulty, addressing questions that current ecology techniques cannot easily answer.

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We develop bespoke solutions to better inform and optimise ecological management decisions. Our combination of specialist skills and extensive industry experience enable us to provide an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates techniques from ecology, environmental science, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics and spatial modelling.

Applied Genomics provide environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis services to enhance your current ecological survey capabilities. Our eDNA services deliver sensitive and accurate targeted species detection, reliable biodiversity monitoring, and insightful analyses.
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Core Services


Our DNA-based analyses enable sensitive and accurate targeted species detection. We provide your field teams with sample collection kits and analysis for targeted detection of species eDNA from environmental samples. We have developed large-volume sampling methods to maximise the probability of eDNA capture and detection. Our sampling kits provide everything you need to collect consistent eDNA samples, quickly and easily.

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For comprehensive surveillance of all organisms detectable by eDNA in the surveyed environment, we analyse your eDNA samples to detect a broad range of taxa. This biodiversity assessment is useful to identify sensitive receptors, characterise indicator taxa in the presence of environmental pressures and provide data for modelling of effect zones. Integrating eDNA biodiversity data with environmental physicochemical assessments, we deliver deeper due diligence and more meaningful risk intelligence for your projects.

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Environmental DNA analyses create big data opportunities, enabling you to contextualise biodiversity data within the bigger picture. We deliver data-driven insights to support your adaptive environmental management decisions, site-based environmental impact analyses, mapping of population genetic diversity and informing valuations of natural capital.

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Just as every project presents its own challenges for environmental management, we design our solutions to fit your project goals and support your intended outcomes. Contact us to see what solutions we can develop for you.

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