Reliable Analyses for Complex Environments

Leveraging the potential within each environmental sample 

Quantify the dynamic changes in natural capital assets over time through our comprehensive eDNA analysis services. By leveraging the potential within each eDNA sample, we can offer tailored data analyses aligned with your project's objectives, enhancing natural capital accounting, sustainability reporting, and biodiversity insights.

Our eDNA analysis services encompass whole-community biodiversity monitoring through DNA metabarcode sequencing and high-precision targeted species detection using qPCR or Sanger sequencing. These techniques provide the foundation for accurate environmental impact assessments and biodiversity conservation strategies.

Expand your understanding of keystone populations with our industry-leading population genetics analyses. Whether though direct sampling or our innovative eDNA-based methods coupled with long-read sequencing technologies, this approach offers unparalleled insights into population structure, migration patterns, and genetic diversity, critical for informed wildlife management and conservation planning.

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Biodiversity Monitoring
Unlocking the secrets of biodiversity: eDNA has revolutionised environmental monitoring.

Environmental DNA (eDNA)-based biodiversity data enhances natural capital accounting and sustainability disclosures by offering meaningful insights into ecosystem health. This approach supports informed decision-making, aligns with sustainability reporting goals, and boosts transparency, allowing stakeholders to assess environmental impacts more effectively.

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Targeted Species Detection
Fast, sensitive detection of single species DNA in your sample.

Elevate your environmental monitoring with our fast and highly sensitive targeted species detection analyses. Whether it's identifying species from faecal samples, tracking invasive non-native species, finding rare and protected species, or locating contamination sources through microbial source tracking, our service offers unparalleled sensitivity and speed. Choose precision and efficiency for your ecological assessments.

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Population Genetics
Is your conservation strategy missing this crucial data?

Population genetic analysis provides essential data for effective wildlife management and conservation, revealing genetic diversity, population dynamics, and migratory patterns. This enables informed decisions for sustainable conservation efforts, ensuring the health and resilience of wildlife populations.

Industry-leading quality assurance

Transparency. Credibility. Confidence.

At Applied Genomics, we transcend the 'black box' nature of environmental DNA analysis with our pioneering data quality assurance framework. Our unique decision tool evaluates and quantifies the credibility of taxonomic classifications, ensuring unparalleled transparency in our reporting. Each detected species is assigned a detection credibility score, a cornerstone of our Quality Assurance protocol. This approach not only enhances the reliability of our data but also significantly reduces the risk of misinterpretation by providing clear, confidence-based statistics alongside each taxonomic assignment, setting a new standard in the clarity and dependability of eDNA analysis.

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