Our Services

We provide a diverse array of DNA-based services, applying genomic techniques that meet your specific requirements. From targeted detection of individual species to comprehensive characterisation of entire biological communities, explore real-world applications of our services below:

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, offshore marine structure, oil and gas

Offshore marine structures

Using our inDepth eDNA to assess the impact of offshore marine structures, assets, infrastructure and activities on marine biodiversity and ecosystem health.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, windfarm, renewable energy

Renewable energy

Easily monitor the environmental impact of renewable energy projects, like offshore wind farms, with automated high-volume eDNA sample collection and analysis, capable of factoring in tidal and current effects.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, marine protected areas, coral reef

Marine protected areas

Assessing the effectiveness of marine protected areas in conserving biodiversity using high-volume eDNA monitoring to accurately track species presence and abundance.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, maritime biosecurity surveillance, ports, harbours

Maritime biosecurity surveillance

Using paired inDepth eDNA sampling technology to target port infrastructure, we detect and monitor invasive species in maritime environments, protecting infrastructure and safeguarding native ecosystems.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, aquaculture, fish farm

Aquaculture site compliance monitoring

Obtain rapid, independent DNA-based monitoring of aquaculture sites to ensure compliance with environmental regulations regarding seabed impacts prior to regulatory submissions. Our machine learning models are aligned with government standards, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, water quality monitoring, microbial source tracking

Water quality monitoring

Using rapid-response eDNA analysis, we assess water quality (including enterococcus and E. coli concentrations) and conduct microbial source tracking to pinpoint sources of faecal contamination in aquatic environments, informing pollution management and safeguarding public health.

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Biodiversity net gain

Supporting biodiversity net gain initiatives and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting by quantifying biodiversity changes and ecosystem health using eDNA technology.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, soil health analyses, image of wheat field

Soil health analyses

Assessing soil biodiversity and health to inform land management practices, conservation efforts, and sustainable agriculture using eDNA analysis.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, site regeneration, mage of soil

Site regeneration

Monitoring ecosystem recovery and regeneration efforts in terrestrial habitats through eDNA analysis to track changes in species composition and ecosystem function.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, detect threatened species, image of a newt

Detect threatened species

Deliver comprehensive insights into the presence of endangered species, like the Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus).

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Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, detect invasive species, image of white clawed crayfish

Detect invasive species

Leveraging environmental DNA (eDNA), our method accurately identifies and locates invasive species across ecosystems without direct contact. By detecting genetic traces in water or soil we proactively protect biodiversity and foster resilient ecosystems.

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Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, detect species from faeces, image of a bat

Species from faeces

Discover species identities and diet analysis with our eDNA tests in scat and faeces, accurately identifying species such as bats and mammals or discover their dietary constituents.

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How to use our services

Step 1: DESIGN

Beginning with the end in mind.

In this initial phase, we work closely with you to understand your specific needs, ensuring our eDNA services are aligned with your project goals. This collaborative approach allows us to adapt our methodologies to your unique environmental and project objectives, setting the foundation for meaningful, actionable outcomes.

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Step 2:  SAMPLE

"You can't detect it if you don't collect it!"

Our eDNA sampling kits provide everything you need to collect consistent eDNA samples, quickly and easily, even in remote and challenging environments. And we can help guide you on selecting the best type of eDNA sampling kit that will ensure optimal results.

We are the only company to have developed large-volume eDNA sampling methods that ensure collected samples are appropriate to the scale of the environment being studied, maximising the probability of eDNA capture and accurate species detections.

Applied Genomics, eDNA, biodiversity, Aerial View of Amazon River in Belem do Para, Brazil

Step 3:  ANALYSE

Maximising cost-effectiveness through multi-analytical approaches.

Integrating industry-leading laboratory technologies with multi-marker bioinformatics pipelines and rigorous quality assurance, we will provide you with biodiversity data that transcends the limitations of conventional survey methods.

Our ethos is anchored in delivering unparalleled precision in biodiversity monitoring and genetic identification services. With a commitment to innovation, we specialise in eDNA analysis for diverse ecosystems, ranging from the deepest seas to remote terrestrial habitats.

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Data products that support sustainability disclosures.

In the Insights phase, we transform your data into actionable insights. Beyond standard analyses, we offer a range of optional additional analyses, including population genetics, machine learning applications, and biodiversity tipping-point assessments. These advanced options are designed to support your objectives and relevant sustainability disclosures, providing a deeper understanding of the ecological impact of your projects and empowering informed decision-making.

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