Delivering data-driven insights for effective decision-making.

Environmental DNA assessments create big-data opportunities. Achieve net positive biodiversity for your projects using insights made possible by eDNA monitoring.

Integrative eDNA analysis: We integrate metadata from your eDNA surveys to provide responsive and meaningful insights for your project environmental planning and monitoring.

  • Ecological tipping-point analysis
  • Multivariate biodiversity impact analyses and visualisations
  • Geospatial mapping and analysis of eDNA survey data
  • Ecogenomic ground-truthing of GIS and remote sensing data

Population genetic diversity and viability analysis; to inform optimal district-level management of protected species

  • Metapopulation dynamics; to support biosecurity surveillance of invasive non-native species

We provide support for your ecological management decisions by applying high-resolution environmental genomics data within local area geophysical and socioeconomic contexts.

Our analysis can identify and characterise ecologically sensitive receptors and correlate distributions with environmental pressures to inform data-driven dynamic decision models.

We apply statistical tools to identify ecological tipping-point indicators, delivering meaningful insights for improving your environmental management decisions.

We provide DNA-based insights for understanding the state of ecosystem health and biodiversity of your local ecological community.

An improved understanding of community biodiversity can facilitate quantification of latent variables which inform your site-scale natural capital valuations.

Monitoring over time helps to develop a deeper understanding of changes to biological communities, maintaining data relevance of your total impact value assessments (TIVA).

We help you to incorporate DNA-based sample verification with blockchain-based technologies for rigorous end-to-end product provenance tracking:

  • Provenance tracking for fisheries, farming and agriculture
  • Independent validation of geographical origin indications for artisanal products
  • Verification of product ingredients
  • DNA-based characterisation of natural capital assets managed within a distributed ledger database

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