Our mission is to build a better understanding of where the wild things are.

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We deliver local to landscape-scale environmental genomics assessments. From the deep sea to arid mountain tops and all environments between, ecogenomics techniques may be applied to any environment and our approach is particularly valuable for projects that have a higher level of operational difficulty, addressing questions that current ecology techniques cannot easily answer.

We develop

We develop bespoke solutions to better inform and optimise ecological management decisions. Our combination of specialist skills and extensive industry experience enable us to provide an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates techniques from ecology, environmental science, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics and spatial modelling.

What is ecoGenomics?

Ecogenomics is the application of genomics techniques to enhance ecological assessments. Using trace amounts of genomic material recovered from environmental samples, we are able to characterise a wide range of taxa and their distribution in the environment. Applying our ecogenomics approach, information gaps may be significantly reduced, effective management outcomes may be facilitated and intended outcomes optimised.

Our ecogenomics approach is cost-effective, non-invasive, rapid, robust and presents a significant leap forward in delivering ecological assessments with molecular accuracy.
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Core Services


Combining the sensitivity of ecoGenomics analysis with our proprietary mathematical models, we are able to determine eDNA of rare or cryptic species in the environment, providing a reliable, defensible and independent assessment.

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Using genomic material recovered from environmental samples, we are able to provide robust and defensible biodiversity assessments. Integrating these results with environmental physicochemical assessments we provide a deeper, more meaningful understanding of biodiversity and its influences.

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Determining pathways for dispersal is crucial for effective population management. We use population genomics analyses to identify gene flow between habitats. Quantifying connectivity is useful in the planning, monitoring and assessment of species management programmes, developing targeted mitigation strategies and ensuring that management actions achieve their intended outcomes.

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Just as every project presents its own challenges for environmental management, we design our solutions to fit your project goals and support your intended outcomes. Contact us to see what solutions we can develop for you.

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